Some decades ago radio was the king of entertainment, advertisement, storytelling, and news. Today radio is the old and grumpy grandpa who sits by the fire and gives his advice to the younger generations (mediums) but nobody listens. And that will lead to their downfall.

Let’s provide some context first. Twitter is one of the most used social platforms right now. Many people choose to promote their affiliate products through twitter with little or no effort put into their strategy. And i don’t mean “remember to always put an image to your tweets to make them more engaging” type of strategy. Those “marketers” push links and promotions to their profile without caring about their audience and bringing them value. They just hope that someone will buy.

The Struggle

This way of thinking lead to the spammy feeling that we get from social media like twitter today. This is also the reason why marketers don’t make the same amount of money they used to make.

Now lets see the radio’s story. As I said, radio used to be the king of advertisement. Companies used to pay good money for some “air time” to a relevant, with their audience, show. And the amount of different shows was astonishing. News shows, music shows, soap operas etc. Today radio stations (at least in greece) host only two kinds of shows, news and music. Advertisement is so terribly executed, where companies are forced to promote their products to irrelevant audiences who simply don’t care. And that creates noise. The same kind of noise that twitter has.


The Future(?)

When i have to give my advice to a new affiliate marketer i always say “first of all find something that you like and are good at and then create an audience around that. Only when you finally gain your audience’s trust you should try to sell them things.”. This is a concept that you can only understand after a few failures.

So when you I see a 45 year old person, who does this for the past 20 years and still thinks that pushing content is going to bring him money the only question that i have in mind is “how can he still doesn’t get it?”. And i can’t get a proper answer.

Right now the best solution to the affiliate marketing problem is Youtube and Instagram. Those platforms have transformed the way we promote products for the better and i hope that they will be the standard from now on.

Check out Gary Vaynerchuk’s book about the correct promotion techniques:

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