Today we will talk about branding. Creating a brand is a difficult job and not many people can do it. There is a statement that you need to make when you create a brand and most people get it completely wrong. Others don’t have anything to say, and that delivers to their company. I have stumbled upon entrepreneurs in the past who think that a branding is a nice logo or a beautiful website. And this is wrong.

Other people are mixing branding with marketing, constantly changing the philosophy of their company.



What is Branding?

Branding is actually something you can never “do”. Is something you inspire. For the most part a brand is created by the people. Your audience. In order to have a successful and meaningful brand you have to inspire people to associate your company with something positive. Something that can relate to.

This is actually the time when i give you the Apple “Think Different” example but this is getting old. On the other hand there are many today’s examples of successful branding. Take AirBnB for example. As i talked before AirBnB build a trustworthy brand by giving their customers quality services and a helping hand from time to time.


Best Way to Brand

  • What is your company’s vision? Why do you exist and why do you deserve my time.
  • How will you bring value to society? What is the important aspects of the interaction that your company will have with the people.
  • Create a culture statement. Make people go “i want to look like that”, “i want to behave like that”. Make them want to fit to your norm
  • Be vocal about it. Nobody will know unless you tell them. In order to be successful you have to use means that will appeal to your audience. For example if you have a swag shoe company, promote it with graffiti instead of a tv ad.




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