Programming at a first glance seems hard and spooky for someone that doesn’t know how to start. It is like when you try to learn a new actual language. So many new concepts and rules make most people scared of trying. The thing is though that learning how to make programs can result in big successes.


The best programming languages to learn

1) C: the most basic language out there is c. C is a “primitive”,one could say, language that does the best job to teach you the basics. I recommend starting from here if you want to dive into programming even though sometimes it’s pretty boring

2) C++: This is the objective version of c. C++ is a language that can be learned easily if you know c and can be used in many applications.

3) Java: I am a bit biased against Java as i absolutely hate it. The thing is though that java is used everywhere, from your smartphone to your refrigerator and with its huge documentation is the most popular language in the world right now.

4) Swift: The newest language of them all, swift is the funkiest and most fun to learn. Apple has made a big effort in order to create the perfect language for mobile app development. Based on objective c it shared a lot of similarities with c++ and c of course. If you are interested in making iOS apps swift is for you.


I leave you with that 🙂 :


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