Making money online is a tough job. Many people can be carried away by the fancy titles like “the three simple steps to make passive income” or “make money now, (buy my course for 200$)”, especially young people and students who want to supplement their income. These articles are scams and you should avoid them. They either offer a really hard to implement solution that doesn’t work most of the time or they try to sell you something.

making money online

The question is Can you really make money online?

In short, yes. But as in “real” life you need to work for it. There is no such thing as “passive income”. If there was, everybody would do it. And guess what, nobody does. So don’t believe the scams and the lies that you find on the internet. Try to see behind them. This is the first step to win.


If you can’t achieve passive income, what is that you can do?

First of all you can start by defining what you like to do. I personally like to write blog posts, design things and create brands. So i started a blog where i talk about design and i am in the process of creating my branding company. The first year i used ads on my blog and affiliate marketing in an attempt to monetize it. The ads didn’t help so much but the affiliate marketing is a really profitable way to monetize your site or your social media account.


Should you do it?

Thats really up to you. Affiliate marketing, apart from the “making money online” thing, can teach you how people react in certain situations. You can learn how to plan your strategies to be more efficient and the most important thing, its free. You can join an affiliate network like eBay Partner Network or Amazon Associates today and try it for yourself.

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