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Being able to make a living as a student in a bankrupt country is hard. Let alone if you want to do what you love. There are lots and lots of ways to monetize a blog nowadays. From Google ads to affiliate marketing, each can be characterized as more or less efficient depending on the circumstance.

In the past year that i run my blog my goal has been to make a little corner on the internet where i put my thoughts about different topics. I have changed a lot of things in the process and i have learned what works and what doesn’t. Last month i set a goal, to write a blog post every day for a month. Today, 37 days later, i can guarantee that this experiment worked. The blog is in its best period in terms of views, i have got really encouraging comments from my readers and i feel i’m in my most creative season.

The thing is though there is an elephant in the room. To be more precise, there isn’t. Two days ago i decided to remove all the Google ads from my website as there was a problem with them. I noticed that almost all the people that clicked on one of the Google ads, never returned to my website again thus increasing my bounce rate. That was a big price to pay for 0,01 per click. I needed my audience back so i changed my strategy.


The Patreon Solution is a website that is been used by many creative people in order to fund their work. Many youtube channels, writers, bloggers, painters or podcasts have turned to their audience and asked them to help continue creating. Crowdfunding is a win win situation for both the creators and their audience. If you are a creator, your work will be rewarded and you will focus on creating and if you are a fan you will continue enjoy the creator’s work + you will receive some perks in the process.

So if you want to support me on bringing you quality articles about all the different topics we discuss every day, please head over to my patreon page and check out the rewards you will receive. If not it’s ok, you can share this article with your friends. Maybe someone else will want to contribute. Either way, i will continue to write one article every day for at least the end of 2016. And that’s the renewal of the initial goal.


Please feel free to ask anything in the comments. I really appreciate a real comment in a sea of spam.

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