Another year has passed and its time to make our resolutions. Unfortunately most people will forget them after a month. Last year and the year before we saw some web design trends that became the “next big thing” on the web. Today we will do it again. We will explore the hottest trends in the web design community.


I can’t stress enough how important storytelling is. I will give you an example. If you are trying to book a hotel for your recent trip in London for example (as i am currently trying to do) you find many hotels and room to the price range that you set. The most important thing though is not the price, not even the reviews. Its what each room makes you feel. I have seen hotels with photos from the empty dining room that feel like a retirement home. Cold and depressing. You have to create a story on your page that makes visitors feel positive.

Mobile Devices

Mobile phones are a necessity. Most people find it difficult to sit on their desk, turn on their computer, wait, open the browser, search and then find what they need when they already have a really powerful computer in their pocket. I personally find myself really bored to sit on a desk to design something even though there are not so many great apps that can do it. As for the blog, its easier to write something whenever you like from the wordpress app that login to my site through the web client.

Focus on mobile first this year when you make your site. I already plan to give you a tutorial regarding the transition from desktop first to mobile first in the next month or so.


I absolutely love video backgrounds. The important thing is that they help with storytelling without you even saying a word. Many designers prefer this when they design for a conference or an event in order to give “the feeling” to their visitors and its a proven method for boosting conversions in a website.

Virtual Reality

I am not an expert in VR for Web Design. I’m not even a novice. Its the new tech that everyone expects to grow and i think it will this year. Don’t expect anything big, just baby steps. I will know after the awwwards conference in london at the start of the next month and you will be the first to know.

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