I waited years for this moment and i have to say that i enjoy it very much. Velona is something that, one way or another, was in the making process. Few years ago when i started Unicorn, my goal was to create a design agency and express my creative personality. Things didn’t go that well and that project was paused (but not dead). Three years later this dream is shaping to become a proper solution to the problem of most businesses in Greece.


As i wrote in this blog about two months ago, Greek businesses are struggling to create an online presence. About a fifth of businesses in Greece don’t even have a website. And that’s a pity because its a waste of potential. A potential that, with the crisis whipping the entrepreneurial world, we can’t afford to lose. This is where we come in.


We created Velona in order to help businesses find that potential and grow. We offer all the needed services to help a company grow. Services that include but not restricted to:

  • Web Design and Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Goggle and Facebook Ads
  • Identity Creation and Branding
  • Digital Strategy, tailored to your needs



So if you feel that your company needs a better online strategy, website or promotion please visit our Facebook Page and leave a like.


P.S.: Follow my like-minded and ambitious partners that made all these possible:




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